Inside City podcast FT. David Brightwell: Weekly insight episode 3 (part 1)


The football currently witnessed at the Etihad Stadium is nothing short of sensational, and in the inaugural Inside Manchester City Podcast, we took a look at why everything is starting to click into place under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola.

An unsatisfying draw with Liverpool had numerous talking points – all were discussed in the podcast below. Our Editor-in-Chief Shane Burns was joined by Walter Smith and former City player David Brightwell in this unique, two-part podcast.

The controversial penalties, the centre-back role, and the impatience from the ‘new generation’ of supporters were all discussed in the first part of this special. David’s insight was brilliant, and a great listen with some comedy moments from Walter were all added to ensure City fans don’t go away without a smile on their face.

This isn’t your regular podcast, as quality opinions, dividing statements, and Walter’s glass half-full attitude make this a must listen to for every City fan. And even more so this week with David on the show.

Do you agree with David’s opinions? Do you agree with our analysis? Listen below for real fan opinions.



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