David Silva

In his home debut in 2010, against Valencia, the team from which he signed; David Silva created the impression that he was capable of football that was more than a little bit special. Akin to Federer on a tennis court, Ali in a ring; he floats, he glides. His movement is poetic. Like a feather dancing in the breeze; only in total control of his purpose.

Since his arrival, he has been integral to City’s success. Two Premier League titles and two League Cups following an FA Cup in 2011; achievements in no small part down to his ability to craft something out of nothing. His intelligence and vision set him apart from your average footballer. But his ability to execute a pass that no-one else in the stadium has seen is what makes him so mesmerising to watch.

A further measure of this ability is the 109 senior caps that he has earned for his country. In an era when Spain have been blessed with Xavi and Iniesta; arguably two of the greatest midfielders in the history of the game, Silva has contributed significantly to two European Championships and the largest prize of all in 2010, the World Cup.

He has been the brightest shining light in a period when as City fans, we have been blessed to see some of the greatest footballers in the world play in our stadium, wearing our shirt.

A full capacity standing ovation as he departs the pitch, that only the greatest can summon; has on more than one occasion electrified the stadium and sent shivers down our spines.

In 2011-12, some of his football was as near perfect as has been seen in a City shirt. His pass for Dzeko may be the most publicised, but at stadia across the country, we watched some of the finest individual performances from this most wonderfully elegant footballer.

To steal a quote that I once read on Twitter; epitomising his control of not only a football but a whole game too, it reads as follows, ‘you could fire jelly out of a cannon and David Silva would be able to control it and pass it on.’ Not only does this sum up his skill, but would also be a dramatic improvement on some of the half-time entertainment on offer.

El Mago. Merlin. He is a magician, his left foot a wand. Long may he continue to wear the number twenty-one for City.



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