Many of our fans must be wondering how Pep can accommodate all our attacking talent. Surely somebody has to be sold? Many have concluded that the current situation spells the end for Mr. 93:20 himself. Just in the last several hours, the global media are reporting that Sergio is on his way. Many are treating Aguero’s post-match words as proof positive of his impending departure.

This started earlier in the week with the Einsteins on Radio 5 live (no surprise there!). Then The Mirror followed suit by suggesting that our hero would go to Chelsea to replace the outgoing Diego Costa (yeah, like we’d sell our top man to a direct rival!). Next there popped up reports from news outlets all over the world claiming that the Argentinian would be joining Real Madrid at the end of the season. (I quote a certain red-nosed Scotsman: ‘Wouldn’t sell them a f*&^%$ virus!’)

How dumb do they think we are?

Worry not, blues, it was ever thus. Even a rudimentary Google search reveals that Sergio was leaving City pretty much every month of last year! Either to one of the two clubs mentioned above or back to his native Argentina.

It’s as if the press think they can bring this into existence by the sheer power of their collective will!

It seems not to matter to journos that Guardiola has confirmed an extension to El Kun‘s already lengthy contract.

It matters not that the player’s agent affirmed that he is very happy and relishes the challenge ahead.

The press know better and they won’t, be told! They focus on Aguero’s facial expressions (as if he were Winona Ryder at the recent SAG awards!) every time Jesus scores, desperate to find evidence of anger or disappointment.

But let us not skirt the issue.

Question: How will Aguero feature in our new front line of attack?

Answer: Simple. Just where he always has.

It is not that Aguero will always drop out. It is not that Jesus will be on the bench either. They will both be accommodated and here’s how.

Take a look at an example line-up:


Sagna – Kompany – Stones – Clichy


Sterling – DeBruyne –  Sane

Aguero – Jesus

Question: Where is David Silva?

Answer: On the bench, ready to come on if/when De Bruyne tires or is ineffective.

Here is another possibility:


Sagna – Kompany – Stones – Clichy


Jesus –  Silva – DeBruyne – Sane


Question: Where is Sterling?

Answer: On the bench, ready to come on if/when Sane or Jesus tire or are ineffective.

Or another:


Sagna – Kompany – Otamendi – Clichy


Jesus –  Silva – DeBruyne – Nolito


Question: Where is Sane?

Answer: On the bench, ready to come on if/when Nolito or Jesus or Silva or DeBruyne or Aguero tire or are ineffective.

Get it?

What will happen is that because Jesus is equally effective on the left, in time when the partnership between Aguero and Jesus develops, it will be the other forwards Sane, Sterling and Silva in particular who will most often be rotated.

Rotated does not mean dropped. They will feature in every game. This is rotation. Rotation doesn’t necessarily mean game-by-game rotation – it also means within-game rotation – and not just for a paltry few minutes at the end.

In Pep’s relentless pressing system it is rare that every forward is able to maintain total effectiveness for the full 90 minutes. They all will get time on the pitch but they will not all get 90 minutes.

Up till now, Aguero normally has been rested when the game has been won  – and we can afford to do that often if we are 3-4 goals up.

For sure it may sometimes happen that Aguero will come off to be replaced by Jesus but will Jesus always be started instead of Aguero?

It is much more likely that because of the young Brazilian’s work-rate and his proven wing-play, he will start to give Silva a break or rotate with Sane and Sterling.

He will not be Aguero’s permanent replacement.

And breathe…



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