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Manchester City player Carli Lloyd was recently interviewed on the Planet Fútbol podcast. Host Grant Wahl covered a broad range of topics with the two-time FIFA World Player of the Year – from her decision to join City to her first encounter with Pep Guardiola, this discussion is full of great nuggets and some insight into the setup at the heart of the burgeoning Manchester City football empire.

Lloyd is full of praise of the structure at City. She’d received an email from the manager of Manchester City women, Nick Cushing, who was putting out some feelers. After speaking with him and Ferran Soriano, CEO of Manchester City, and visiting City’s facilities, Lloyd says that it was a “no-brainer” to join City.

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Once she’d spoken with Soriano, Lloyd says she was incredibly impressed with his, and City’s, vision of what they wanted to achieve. Building world-class facilities was a testament to their mission to become a world force in all aspects of football. Lloyd stated that the academy is world-class and that every single detail has gone into making every part of City’s football setup excellent.

Lloyd’s first encounter with Pep Guardiola happened in an elevator, and she simply decided she had to introduce herself. Pep was incredibly enthusiastic, telling her he was very pleased that she had made it to City and he already knew all about her. While other managers may have brushed her off, Pep knew who she was. He now texts her regularly, wishing her good luck before matches. To take the time to text someone who may not be a family member or part of your job already says something about you as a person, and doing so as the manager of a club as big as City speaks volumes about Pep. He is a credit to himself and the club.

The state of women’s football in the UK is also covered. Lloyd believes the standard is gradually improving and that they will eventually catch up with their European counterparts.

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Lloyd is known as an incredible footballer, evidenced by all the awards she’s received and trophies she has won. She is wired to become better, to reach the top and stay on top. This is all thanks to her hard work off the pitch, her drive and determination. She is the sort of person which Manchester City attracts.

Interviewer Grant Wahl then tells us that Lloyd is sitting there with a great big smile on her face, that her happiness is palpable. This is a testament to her time and experience at City thus far. It tells us so much about this club and what they are trying to build. This is a special club.



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