Central Midfield, Kevin De Bruyne (25)

Kevin De Bruyne was the main man for Manchester City for the entirety of his first season at the Etihad. But with the arrival of Pep Guardiola and his philosophy meant there was some was questioning if a very straight forward attacking midfielder like De Bruyne could fit into a possesion based and patient build-up system.

Answers to this have been both yes and no. It all started out clicking for the Belgian but later you would see flaws in his game that were caused by both perhaps over-usage and not fitting into the brand new system. He has had to adjust to a philosophy that has been taking it toll on, not only Kevin, but all players at Manchester City this season.

With that said 18 assists from a player who many people thought wouldn’t suit this system is incredible and no doubt, De Bruyne is intelligent enough to adapt and prepare for the season ahead.

The alternative to De Bruyne is David Silva (31)

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