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The Manchester Evening News have announced Manchester City has over taken their cross-city rivals, Manchester United, to become to Premier League’s most valuable club.

The Blues found themselves in the number one spot after a review was conducted on all the Premier League clubs based on their 2016 accounts.

Manchester City had a worth of nearly £2.3 billion, more than their red rivals at £2.23 billion.

The study was carried out by a Liverpool University football finance expert who stated which factors come into consideration.

“The model takes into consideration income, profits, wage control, net assets and unsold seats at games.”

He then went on to state that City topped the table due to the business model of the owners that have left the club with no debt. This is as opposed to the massive debt the Glazers have left United in since their takeover in 2005.

It’s obvious that City are fast becoming one of the world’s biggest clubs, and with the financial status that the club has, in combination with its reputation, the club will be extremely prosperous.

The club is already starting to bring in the big names; it already has acquired arguably the world’s best manager, Pep Guardiola.

While the tables may not stay like this upon the next evaluation, the blue can enjoy yet another win over their rivals United.


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