Following on from last week’s interview with Lorenzo Gonzalez, Inside MCFC had the pleasure to bring another City youth player on board.

We are thankfu and lucky enough that Manchester City’s u15 captain and England u16 captain, Tommy Doyle was happy to speak to us about his future, iconic family and idols.

Unfortunately, we caught up with Tommy just before the Floodlit Final success, so we were unable to ask him any questions about winning the competition.

Once again, it was a pleasure to speak with Tommy. Make sure you’re following one of City’s own on Twitter @TommyDoyleMcfc.

Cheers for talking with us Tommy, quickly for all the fans who haven’t seen you play, how would you best describe your style of football?

I would say my style of football is very attacking, a lot of creativity and I add a lot of goals to my game. I play attacking midfield number 8 which is up and down, box to box. I require a lot of energy to play in this position.

Do you attribute this playing style to any one particular player you watch now, or may have watched when growing up?

I would probably say my two main idols that I have watched while growing up and who have attributed to the way I play and “think my football” are Kevin De Bruyne and Steven Gerrard. These are two fantastic footballers who have, what I would describe as “the whole footballing package”.

You recently captained City to the Premier League Floodlit Cup once again, how important is it for you to win trophies at such a young age, is this the type of philosophy the club wants to set from youth to the first team?

Yes, winning trophies is massively important to me. It not only shows all the hard work has paid off but sets your mentality to want to win and gives you that hunger and desire to do it all again. The feeling of winning is like no other, it is irreplaceable. Winning from a young age has always made me more driven and determined to win and strive harder next time, but I know it doesn’t always come easy.

For the standard fan they may not know about your family, just how special is it knowing that both your grandfathers are City legends and icons?

It is very important, it makes me more driven to keep the legacy going not only for myself but for them. Growing up my Dad massively played it down to me as he didn’t want me to take it all for granted and wanted to keep my football level headed. But, my Grandads are very influential to me and they have taught me that I have to work hard to achieve my goal to be a professional footballer. They both gave 110% all the time and I am determined to do the same. It makes me proud to know that I am following in their footsteps and I would love (just like my Grandad Mike) to Captain Manchester City first team one day and to lift many major trophies.

Being the grandson of Mike Doyle and Glyn Pardoe must come with some pressure, do you feel it, and what do you think of the pressure?

I know that my name has history with the club but this is my own personal journey and I don’t feel any pressure. I think pressure is what you let it be – if I let the pressure of the game get hold of me then it’s only going to effect me and my performance but staying calm and focused makes you play to the best of your ability. I am very proud of both of them but I know what I want to achieve every day and I am totally focused.

Not too long ago, City went under a £200m academy complex upgrade to the CFA. How important is it to have the best facilities at your grasp when trying to develop your game as a youngster?

Even though the facilities are unbelievable and I feel so lucky to get to train there every day, I have to say that the programme that the coaches produce which is training every day with a variety of hard targeting training and gym work really does improve your performance. Since moving to the CFA I can see improvements in my game both physically and mentally.

You’re just 15-years-old at the moment. However, you must have thought about your aims for the future. Where do you want to be in the next five years? 

The most important thing for me that I have been taught growing up in football, is that you have to take it one step at a time as you never know what is around the corner. Obviously, I would love nothing more than to play many games for the first team. As for now and for the next five years I am focusing on my game and improving at every opportunity that I can. My dreams are to obviously represent my Club and Country at 1st Team level and to have fans support me. I am what you could call “the local boy, an obsessed Manchester City supporter”.



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