Here at Inside MCFC, we are dedicated to bringing you as much insight into the club as possible. Today we have a very special interview with Switzerland under 17 international and City youth player, Lorenzo Gonzalez.

Gonzalez signed for the Blues this summer, and we have gathered some of the striker’s thoughts on life in Manchester, his future career and what national team he wishes to represent.

Most recently Gonzalez scored two goals in a 2-0 win against West Brom. Take a look at one of those goals here!

Firstly, how are you finding life in Manchester?

I love the life here in Manchester. I feel very good here. The city is nice with a lot of things to do, and the people are very friendly!

When you joined City in the summer, there were many clubs interested in signing you; such as Real Madrid. How did it feel knowing that so many clubs wanted you?

Of course, it’s a big honour for me. I have always worked very hard, and my goals are to be constant in my efforts and play in one of the best clubs in the world! As a result of my efforts, many clubs were interested in me. But it’s just the beginning, and it’s important to keep focused on the target. Of course is only the beginning, and I have always to stay humble and respectful. 

Ultimately, you chose City, what made you pick them over everyone else?

First, the interest that City put to me was one of the biggest. They made me understand that I was a priority for them in the future. City’s academy for me is the best in the world, and I want to be the best player!

On your Twitter page, you have a photo with Aguero in which you call him your idol. How did it feel to meet him, and how does it feel knowing you could one day play alongside him?

Of course, it’s a big privilege to meet him and to see him in training sometimes. For me, it’s a big motivation, and a goal to play with him one day! He is an example for me.

How would you assess your start to the season, as well as the teams? 

Personally, the beginning was a bit difficult, because I couldn’t play due to international clearance. I am trying to learn more everyday and work as hard as possible! I enjoy every second at this fantastic club! About the team, I can just say that we want to be the best u18s team in the world because we have the level for it! 

What are your aims for the rest of the season?

I have a lot of targets for this season because I am a very ambitious person. Personally, I want to be the top scorer of the league, and play the youth cup, youth league and step by step join the first team! I want to win everything, every competition in which we are involved!

Many people have drawn comparisons between you and Luis Suarez, how does this make you feel?  

It’s a big honour to be compared to Luis Suarez because he is one of the best strikers around. It’s a significant comparison, and I feel very proud about it.  

Finally, in five years time, you will be 21. What are your aspirations for those next five years?

I have a lot of ambitions for the next five years! I want to win everything with youth teams, and join up with the first team and little by little gain my place in the squad. I want to be in the starting eleven and win trophies with City and preferably be with the Spanish National team. Right now I am playing with Swiss, but my goal is to join the Spanish national team! 




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