The confidence of Pep Guardiola

Out of the three main reasons for Sterling’s rejuvenation, the confidence of his manager is the most vital.

It’s not a surprise that a young winger would feel optimistic when Pep puts his faith in him. The man works wonders with young wingers. Kingsley Coman is a prime example of admirable development under Pep at Bayern Münich. It looks like Sterling is the next player to shine as a result of Pep’s belief in his talent.

The turning point came during that awful campaign in France. While fans’ abuse came flooding through the youngster’s phone, one message stood out – the text he received from Guardiola. Pep assured Sterling that he was part of his plans- and that he would thrive in the new season.

It was a big lift,” said Sterling, when asked about the text from his new manager. “It’s good to have a manager that not just talks to me, but makes the whole team feel really welcome”. Guardiola’s backing was all he needed to prosper in the upcoming season, and he has not disappointed.

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