Given that Manchester City have landed the most sought-after coach in the world this past year, this article may seem premature. However, we can discuss the long-term vision for Manchester City while still enjoying (or suffering) the moments and the process of today.

Since Sheikh Mansour took over the club in 2008, he and Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak have been clear in their intentions to build a dynasty, a sustainable and successful club with the best facilities and youth academy in the world.

Their aspirations of greatness included getting Pep Guardiola as a manager, not just for the unrivalled accomplishments of his coaching career, but to imprint and instil a new “language.”

Like Barcelona’s famed La Masia graduates can play together almost telepathically, having the same fluent understanding of the game, the City hierarchy wants their unique version.

Pep will not be our Alex Ferguson. Though City has tailor-made their setup for him, he won’t stay longer than five years at the absolute best. He’s a nervous man whose intensity and desire for new challenges will lead him elsewhere. The club has always known this.

So what is the desired progression? How do we build on a manager as intense and obsessive and thoroughly innovative as Pep Guardiola?

Who might the club see as the right options to take this growing dynasty into the next phase?


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