Pep Guardiola has rubbished any suggestion that the English Premier League is more intense as a league than Germany or Spain.

The former Barcelona coach was questioned following his side’s 1-1 draw at home to Everton when Barcelona were running out 4-0 winners at home to Deportivo La Coruna.

Guardiola was asked whether he believed the Barcelona club had an easier weekend than City which saw them rest players in the closing stages of their match. Pep was quick to rubbish any claims that La Liga is easier than the English Premier League.

“I hear a lot of times about the intensity of the Premier League when none of you have been in La Liga or the Bundesliga to know how it is,” he said.

“The problem here is maybe that there are more games but the way that they play in Germany is… [whistles]… it’s amazing.

“I think you have to have respect for the other leagues, how they play and the way they play.

“Of course Barcelona is unique in how they play, a machine. Three fantastic players in front, good counter-attack, the way they build-up so when they win 4-0 it’s because they deserve to win 4-0.

“I think every league has its points but especially it’s the quality of the players, and that’s the reason why. In Spain, in the last seven, eight, nine years they’re winning or in the final of all the European competitions because they play well because they have good players. That is the reason why.

“Here there are more games to play… but the intensity in Italy, in all of these places, is the same.”

The ignorance remains that England is undeniably the best league in Europe as the British media attempt to add more pressure onto the champion hopefuls.

La Liga’s title race also ended with three teams separated by a point last year at the same time as the ‘more competitive’ Premier League had champions Leicester finishing ten points clear.




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