Manchester City have announced a price hike in season ticket costs for match-going supporters ahead of the 2018/2019 season.

The average price of a supporter’s season ticket has increased from £10-£20 a year, which has aggrieved many of the supporters attending games for numerous years.

It’s not the price hike but the lack of revenue City will earn from the decision to increase costs for fans. It’s estimated almost £400,000 will now be received through extra income, but with many supporters opting out of cup schemes, the question must be asked whether it was worth it?

City’s prices remain the lowest in the league by some distance with the cheapest ticket found at £299 for 19 games. When you consider the value for money the fan base is getting numerous supporters have accepted the cost of paying the increased cost due to the quality of football put on show by the players.

Nonetheless, frustration certainly lays within as supporters in Germany can watch their team for an entire campaign for as little as £99 per season with an atmospheric experience as opposed to the dreary English football atmosphere that exists in almost every stadium – with the small exception of a number of teams on particular game days.

Was the hike really worth the bad publicity? Instead of keeping prices the same – like Manchester United for five years – City have now annoyed the majority of their paying supporters. Unlike City’s bitter rivals, thousands of fans are not waiting in the wings to snatch tickets to games due to the lower numbers within the fan base that currently exists.

City are still a good decade away from reaching the figures that Liverpool, United and Arsenal possess when it comes to supporters willing to pay for tickets. It remains a good thing for the loyal supporters who have seen it all watching City but what about the club?

One argument could be held that City would increase the cost of tickets drastically over five years, which would see ticket prices jump enormously. That would certainly cause uproar in the City community, so were the club right to gradually increase the prices to watch the best football in Europe right now? Who knows.

Make no mistake, City is a progressive club and they will move with the times with, or without, their usual match going fans if necessary.



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