Manchester City's Vincent Kompany and Sergio Aguero celebrate the Argentine's opener.

Manchester City took a while to get their business done, but it was a comfortable day at the office for the Blues whose overload of pressure eventually became too much for the Seagulls.

Ederson (6/10) – Ederson had little to do during the game. Had a few nervy moments but that is more than expected in a Premier League debut. The 23-year-old made all the required saves and distributed the ball well. He will be glad to have a comfortable appearance to build on.

Otamendi (6/10) – The Argentine on the left of a defensive trio didn’t find the need to utilise his defensive ability all too often. He mostly recycled possession and switched the play with cross-field balls to Walker. These passes weren’t quite to Kolarov’s standard of last season, but they found their mark more often than not.

Stones (7/10) – Again, what he had to do defensively he did well. Stones made sure the Brighton forwards rarely touched the ball as he moved the ball around quickly and efficiently, varying the passing distance throughout. As the game wore on, he pushed forward to aid the attack when Brighton were holding firm.

Kompany (6/10) – Vinnie commanded the defence as well as ever. He was the most aggressive of our defenders when carrying the ball forward and played some incisive passes to the forwards. Unfortunately, he also gave the ball away in some worrying areas that could have proved costly.

Danilo (6/10) – A solid Premier League debut. Danilo didn’t receive the ball as much as he would have hoped, but when in control the Brazillian passed accurately and tended to position himself well.

Walker (7.5/10) – Walker showed exactly why City splashed the cash on him. Always a willing runner, he attacked well and got into some great positions. Defensively he took care of business and chased down attackers. Walker was an attractive target for the cross-field switch, and more than once used his incredible athleticism to keep the ball in play, allowing City to remain on the front foot.

Fernandinho (7/10) – Shielded the defence very well. Hoovered up and balls in midfield and put a stop to numerous counter attacks before they could begin. Fernandinho got forward well, and it was his cross that assisted the own goal.

D. Silva (7/10) – As usual, Silva’s technical ability is a joy to watch. He popped up all over the midfield trying to create chances, but Brighton was dogged in their defence and made it hard for El Mago. He then got his reward with an assist for Aguero’s goal that was a beautiful, perfectly weighted first-time pass that allowed Aguero an age to pick his spot.

De Bruyne (8/10) MOTM – City fans are expecting a big year from the Belgian, and he is already delivering. He really came into his own in the second half and distributed the ball well. The defensive aspect of his game is so often overlooked as De Bruyne never shies away from a challenge. He and Silva traded places, and this time it was De Bruyne who provided the “pre-assist” for the Aguero goal.

Jesus (6.5/10) – He showed some lovely skills in the game, in one particular instance looping the ball over the defender’s head for him to run onto. He almost scored when he threw his body at the ball but unfortunately, the ball bounced off his hand, and he took a forearm to the neck for his troubles. He had a header saved by the Brighton keeper that he should have scored. For the own goal, Jesus put the defender under enough pressure that he rushed his clearance and that paid off.

Aguero (6.5/10) – Aguero had a relatively quiet game but had two notable moments. One he forced the defender into a terrible back pass and with just the keeper to beat, Aguero inexplicably sent his shot wide. The last chance worked out much better as a lovely ball from Silva presented Aguero with a one-on-one which he took very well.


Sane (5.5/10) – I may be looking at it critically, but Sane looked off the pace from the second he came on. He didn’t look his normal assured and nimble self. Hopefully, he is still finding his form after a shorter pre-season than some of his teammates.

Sterling (N/A) – Not enough time to rate.

Bernardo (N/A) – Not enough time to rate.


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