The big Manchester City news this afternoon comes following Matt Hughes’ revelation that Yaya Toure’s agent’s behaviour was the significant factor in City deciding against offering Toure a renewed contract.

Toure is out of contract in the summer, and after meeting with his agent this week and another company went sour, the argumentative Dimitri Seluk may have ended his client’s chances of remaining in Manchester next season.

In a Sunday Times exclusive, Hughes reveals that Toure’s agent was in negotiations with Toure’s book sponsor and when an offer was presented to Seluk – who was working on Toure’s behalf – the Ukrainian proceeded to remove his own shoe and place it on the table. Seluk then abruptly ended the meeting

Seluk then abruptly ended the meeting by stating that his shoes were all they would get for the money that they had offered.

Following the recent outburst, City are now unwilling to enter into negotiations with Seluk due to the unprofessionalism and temperament, or lack of; he has shown over the last few months. If the decision is final, and Toure leaves City, he will remain a City icon but the agent whom he seems to covet will certain have dampened his legacy amongst many City supporters.





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