Aaron Martin has been attracting attention from some of the largest clubs in the world, including Manchester City. His impressive performances for Espanyol have caught the eyes of many people across football, and at a young age of 20, he has a lot of room to grow as a player.

City would be willing to pay out his £27 Million release clause to bring him to the Etihad, which would be his first transfer since joining Espanyol in 2005 in the youth system. The figures he produces would undoubtedly support this release clause.

Looking at the 2016-17 season, the numbers to come along with it are very similar to that of Benjamin Mendy, who City brought in for £50 million in the summer. They both averaged 33 passes per game, both had 1.6 tackles per game, but Martin won 63% of his take ons compared to Mendy’s 56%, showing the Spaniard has a lot of versatility on the pitch.

In fact, it would be this versatility he possesses that would make me say he would be a better fit for our team than someone like David Alaba or even Alex Sandro. As while Alaba averages 54 passes per game which merely dwarfs that of Aaron Martin’s, only 35% of his take ons are successful and just wins 0.75 tackles per game.

In Alex Sandro’s case even though his stats are better, including 46 passes per game. His tackles won, and successful take-ons are so similar to Aaron Martin’s, and if allowed to grow as a player under Pep, as surely in a season or two he would produce stats even better than he is now.

Furthermore, he is playing for Espanyol, which are a pretty average squad in La Liga, whereas Alaba and Sandro are playing for two of the best clubs in the world, and surely this would mean that they can produce better stats at better clubs. An example of this is when he played against Barcelona, and despite being pummelled 5-0, he made 3 tackles and 3 clearances, providing good defending support for his team despite the scoreline. He would produce these stats for the games against big clubs, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, which is quite impressive.

He may have the occasional game where he looks shaky, but surely that’s to be expected, and being next to some solid defenders like John Stones, then he’d look much more solid at the back.



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