Despite the great form of our midfield players, such as Fernandinho and David Silva, it is clear that they aren’t getting any younger and we will need to look for suitable replacements. Enter Leon Goretzka, a German midfielder who plays for Schalke with lots of diversity amongst the pitch and will be entering the final six months of his contract next month.

At a young age of 22 he would be a perfect long-term replacement for Fernandinho or David Silva, and having being linked to many of the most prominent clubs in the world such as Bayern Munich would mean you have impressive stats, right? Well, let’s have a look.

Despite not having the natural position of a defensive midfielder, this season he has produced numbers which exceed that our very own Fernandinho. Per 90 minutes he gets 1.6 tackles, to Fernandinho’s 1.2, and also gets 2.3 interceptions to Fernandinho’s 1.7, so clearly, Goretzka has the ability to play there despite not doing so for club and country.

Another player mentioned was David Silva, but these two players play completely different roles from each other in the middle of the park with Silva being much more of a creator than Goretzka and the latter tends to sit back with less freedom to roam. This is outlined with the Spaniards eight assists this season in comparison to Goretzka’s zero assists in the Bundesliga this season, and just his three assists in the previous campaign.

With that being said City would have to rely more on De Bruyne for assists, but under Guardiola, we could see significant improvement from the German in his overall game, not just assists if he was to replace Silva in both position and role.

The German midfielder averages a relatively low amount of passes with 41 per 90 minutes, which is surprising considering Schalke’s philosophy. This isn’t terrible, but is nowhere near the amount we see from the players at  City. This would naturally increase if he were to join the Citizens due to our incredible possession stats and how long City are able to recycle the ball for at any given moment.

I personally would play him as a replacement for Fernandinho and as a Defensive Midfielder, as his stats clearly represent him more so in that role and also are much more impressive than his attacking stats. This is a player that everyone would love to see play at the Etihad Stadium under Guardiola.



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