Recently, Sergio Aguero has been branded a “fraud” or that he only scores against lower stature teams. This couldn’t be further from the truth when the fact of the matter is Aguero has the best minute-to-goal ratio in Premier League history with more than 50% of his goals coming against teams in the top-half of the table at the time of play.

Since 2011, the Premier League has never been the same again. The arrival of a79342 23 year-old Argentine shaped the history of the Premier League for the better. His destructive finishing and predatory instincts make him one of the greatest players to play in England. And here’s why.

His first season in England seen him score his thirtieth goal of the season with the very last kick of the ball against a relegation threatened QPR. The goal became the most  iconic moment in Manchester City’s history as well as English league history. But it won’t be just that goal he would be remembered for that season.

During his five years in England, we have calculated up the number of goals Aguero has scored against “top” teams in English football over the past decade:

  • 4 goals in 8 games against Liverpool. 50% goal ratio per game.
  • 7 goals in 10 games against Chelsea. 70% goal ratio per game.
  • 4 goals in 9 games against Arsenal. 45% goal ratio per game.
  • 8 goals in 10 games against Manchester United. 80% goal ratio per game.
  • 10 goals in 9 games against Tottenham Hotspur. 110% goal ratio per game.
  • 6 goals in 6 games against West Ham United. 100% goal ratio per game.
  • 2 in 7 games against Everton. 28% goal ratio per game.
  • TOTAL: 41 goals in 59 games against these sides. 69% goal ratio per game.

Not bad for a player who only seems to score against teams in the lower half of the table. Aguero is also the only man to score against every current side in the Premier League he’s played against – the exception being Bournemouth. Middlesborough, Burnley and Bolton remain the only English sides he’s faced and not scored against. That means 116 of his goals have been scored in domestic competitions in just 171 games. Do you really still think he’s a player who doesn’t show up in the big occasions?

Not striker has a better goal to game ratio against the top sides of their time like Aguero has. If you compare Aguero’s statistics to that of Luis Suarez, you will see his fellow South American scored just 11 goals in 55 games against the same sides.

During his time at City also, in Europe’s premier competition he’s scored 21 goals in 37 games. That record includes 10 goals against Bayern Munich, CSKA Moscow, Barcelona and Real Madrid. All four club’s the biggest in their respected nations. Which represents 45% of his goals in the competition.

If these are the statistics of a player who only shows up when not required as much, imagine what he could do if he showed up in “big games”. Sense the sarcasm….




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