Manchester City midfielder Sinan Bytyqi has been forced into an early retirement after revealing he has a heart issue that could cause substantial damage should he continue to play football.

Bytyqi has on loan for Go Ahead Eagles when news broke of him potentially being forced into retirement due to a heart development.

Speaking about the situation, Bytyqi revealed, “The manager pulled out a piece of paper and told me that they had found something on my annual heart monitoring test in Manchester and I had to go back to England.”

“They said if I continued playing I would have a four percent chance of my heart stopping and that if I stopped, that would be one percent.”

City refused to turn their back on the youngster and decided to honour his contract but in another capacity. “Txiki said that they would not cut my contract and that they would stand by me whatever I decided,”

As a result, Bytyqi has now taken up the role of loan scout where he regularly watches players out on loan and provides reports back to City’s hierarchy.

Sinan said, “I have to thank City for giving me a chance. For me, the best job in the world is getting paid to play football and the second best is getting paid to watch it.”

The Kosovan was expected to become a regular feature in European football after impressing during his loan spells in Holland. His career is cut short is a tragedy, but with City’s help, hopefully, Bytyqi can remain happy in his new role and ensure his health is continuously monitored.



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