Former Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has unleashed a furious attack on Pep Guardiola in a controversial interview with the French publication, France Football.

Toure has openly criticised his former manager for what he feels was ‘unfair treatment’ and he hopes to “break the Guardiola myth.”

Speaking to the French magazine, Toure said: “When, in the dressing room and in front of everyone else, the coach says to me, despite the fact that I was vice-captain several months prior: I do not feel like you are motivated anymore. If you do not want to stay, go see the owners and sort it out with them. It was complete disrespect… I feel like that Pep, without respect, did everything to ruin my final season.

“He [Guardiola] was cruel with me. Do you really think he could’ve been like that with Iniesta? It got to the point I asked myself if it was because of my colour. I’m not the first, other Barça players asked the question too.

“Maybe us Africans aren’t always treated the same by certain people. When you see the problems he (Pep) has often had with African players, everywhere he has been, I ask myself questions.

“He’s too intelligent to be caught. He’ll never admit it (not liking Africans). But the day he picks a team with five Africans in, I promise I will send him a cake!”

The 35-year-old left Manchester City last month to a heroic send-off that saw Toure’s career honoured by the club he served so well since 2010. Now, the Ivorian’s comments have seen many supporters turn against their former icon with many believing it’s a publicity stunt.




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